Casa Do Oleiro USA

International Apostolic Ministries

First I have to say that staying at Casa do Oleiro was great. I love learning more about my teammates.  I thought I knew them, but came to love them more and more on this trip. I have been on mission trips but staying at Casa do Oleiro is like staying at the Waldorf of the mission field. I want to thank him personally for giving his heart and being a dad to everyone.

This trip has taught me more of how to love people. The people of Brazil are awesome. They ask for nothing and continuously give their love out like true servants of God.  They taught me more about giving, loving, and sharing. Even when we were evangelizing in the streets the people were so grateful, and always thank us for everything. They have something to teach us about giving love and that what Jesus is teaching us, it is the gospel. 

~Lucille Caldera

Hi, My name is Laurie Nicole and I would like to share with you today how this trip has impacted my life. Before coming here I had an encounter with fear.  I decided to obey the Lord’s calling on my life and not allow myself to walk in this fear. By doing so I have overcome fear and gown so much. I thank each and every one of the Pastors and leaders who believed in me before I could even believe in myself. I believe this is not the end but the beginning of greater things that have yet to come. May we all continue to humble ourselves and walk in one accord with the Lord for we are the Light of the world. I pray we will continue to shine the Light of God, which will allow many more souls saved and forever set free. God Bless You Casa do Oleiro and the people of Brazil. Thank you for being so welcoming in love and in peace. May the Lord’s grace and peace be upon you and in you forever more. I love you and will miss all of you.

~Laurie Nicole Roth

Hi, My Name is Blanca Brown. I came all the way from the USA because God sent me to Brazil to tell you that God really loves you with agape love, and I love you too. It was such a privilege to have been here with all of you. Today I would like to share with you about what has impacted me the most. It was when I met your mayor. I really love how he prays for all of you before he starts his day of work. I thank the Lord for saving so many people and having them accept His Son Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. To God be all the glory! I want to thank you for having me and treating me as family. God Bless you all. 

~Blanca Brown

My experience here in Brazil, started before I even arrived. It started with having little faith about coming to your beautiful country. When asked to come, I thought about my circumstances first. I thought about my children, business, bills, and money that was needed to be raised for the trip. I came to the point where I knew that I had to give it all to God, but it was still on my heart even after doing so. Jesus gave me a vision about my name on the plane. He spoke to me every day while being here. It took God taking me out of my comfort zone for me to hear his voice. I now use my first given name, Paul, through hearing him. He instilled boldness in me, confidence to evangelize for His glory, and for me to die to myself. I used to party a few years ago with my people in my city. They knew that I went to church, but I was not being the light that God intended me to be. I also thought to myself, “ how can I invite them to a church that I drive 4o minutes to?” God gave me a heart, and a boldness to reach my city, Wesley Chapel FL, while on this trip.

The Brazilian culture is beautiful. It brings joy to me to see how families here put each other first. The kids always by their parent’s side, people passing by on the streets greeting you. It just shows true love. Your culture truly appreciates what God has given you and you show it in your actions. I have learned to impart love  and will do so with my own kids now. I now will walk with a greater faith. The love and intimacy that I now have for Jesus has been expanded by the Godly examples that you ALL have been. I now leave my old life behind, and I have been renewed in Jesus! God Bless you all!

~Paul Timothy Torres