Changing Lives,

one child at a time.

Hope for the Hopeless

According to a study published in 2018 by World approximately 27.4% of the population in Africa was classified as severely food insecure, which is almost four times as high as any other region.


At Casa Do Oleiro we want to do all we can to not only provide for the spiritual needs of our brother's and sister's, but also to provide what we can for their physical needs. James 2:14-17 says, "What use is it, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but he has no works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is without clothing and in need of daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and be filled,” and yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body, what use is that? Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself. "


The Don Kobe School

Here in Awaata, Africa Casa do Oleiro serves the village in a variety of ways but the most rewarding is the school/church/orphanage here. Many homeless and neglected children come to receive education, food, shelter and most importantly the love of Jesus.


Recently Pastor Antonio visited the facility and met some of the boys who are new. He was encouraged to hear how well they are doing and how much their lives have changed by having the hope of Jesus and new life. They are experiencing security and love from others, many for the first time ever. 


Thanks to all of you who make it possible with your prayers and financial support to bring this hope to these beautiful children. Even though you are not able to be there with them physically, they feel your love each day. 



Ian’s was born and raised in Kibomet Kitale but his father left several years ago abandoning his wife and seven young children. Despite her heart to provide for her children Ian’s mother has faced incredible hardship. She and her children are barely surviving as her employment consist of sporadic labor with times where no employment is available. Ian found it hard to stay in a home without food and no way to pay the required fees to attend school. At just ten years old Ian decided, like so many others in his situation, to search for hope on the streets of Kitale. Ian didn’t find hope in the streets but instead found a desperate danger zone of fighting, pain, and drugs. It is easy to get caught up in street life where sniffing glue is the only way to escape the reality of hunger and hopelessness.  But Ian, like all these kids, has dreams of a better life. He is in primary four now and has the opportunity to continue school. His dream is to become an engineer and have a life where there is no more need. Here at the children’s home Ian will be given that chance with a secure place to call home, education, and lots of love.

Today Ian is doing well. Around the school Ian is known as the translator, Ian doesn’t mind stepping out of his comfort zone to try new things. He recently was the translator for the missionary in church and translated English to Swahili with few errors.



Newton came to us at thirteen year old. A boy who is originally from a town called Kericho Bomet, which is about 300 km from Kitale. He was being raised by his uncle and aunt because he was abandon by his parents. Unfortunately, this living arrangement was a desperate circumstances: an abusive aunt and an uncle who is a severe alcoholic. When his aunt and uncle divorced Newton stayed with his uncle, but because of the alcoholism often Newton would go days without food. To escape the regular verbal, emotional, and sometimes physical abuse Newton plotted a desperate escape plan. Despite painful spinal injuries as a result of trauma, he managed to hide under a truck which was carrying cargo from Kericho to Kitale. With no where to go he lived on the streets. Newton had been on the streets since august 2015 until finally he found the children’s home. Newton had longed for safety and love and is glad to be off the streets. 

Since being at the school from its inception, Newton has become as manager of sorts. God has gifted him with administration and organizational skills. He is soft hearted and has a special love for animals and small kids. He has recently started focusing more on school studies and is excelling. He is a big negotiator. His desire is to be a pilot in the future and to travel the world. He loves to laugh and have a good time and desires to learn keyboard. Newton is also our evangelist, and will be first to approach someone about their beliefs.



Ronald is a strong boy who has had to be resourceful and care for himself from an early age. He comes from Centre Kwanza Kitale in a family of five children, an alcoholic father and unemployed mother. After years of neglect Ronald chose to leave his family and try to find hope by begging for food and money on the streets of Kitale. Street life is rough and Ronald was often bullied, harassed, and beaten by those who are competing for the same basic needs to survive. These kids sleep on the ground and find shelter from the elements under trees and doorways. Food is scarce and many nights Ronald went to sleep hungry with no food.


Ronald remembers the day he began to wish for someone to look on him with compassion. He has yet to know the love of a Father who will be there for him. One who will provide for his needs and give him an opportunity to live life with hope. 

After being at the school for over a year we have gotten to know Ronald better. He is very studious and super bright. He exceeds greatly in school. He also loves football and is very competitive. He wants to be a politician and his big goal is to be president of Kenya to end corruption in government.



Elias is our shy boy but has recently has come out of his shell. His english is improving daily and he strives to learn as much as possible. Elias wants to be a lawyer and we believe this goal is within his reach given his view of life. He is very black and white when it comes to rules or laws - AND when it comes to the bible and how it is taught. 

Elias has a heart for God and he loves the bible and talking about what he has learned. In true Berean style he doesn't simply accept all teaching but questions things to make certain it lines up with what he knows from the bible. We can see Elias one day serving as a pastor.

He loves football, church, and loves to learn new things. He is also an extremely hard worker and very dependable. We can count on Elias to be the one to take on tasks with little prompting, and he is also the first to volunteer to help. We are blessed to have Elias in the school and pray for God's continued blessing on his life. 



David is also another new boy to our home. He was found with Meshack and his two sisters. His two sisters stayed a day with us, but are residing at Sunbeam Children’s home as we are currently not equipped to house females. We don't want David to be without family so he has the opportunity to visit his sisters occasionally. Currently, we are hoping he and his sisters will soon be reunited with their parents and hope and pray their living situation will be improved. We ask that you please join us in praying for God's perfect will regarding this situation.  

David is very quiet but respectful and obedient. He does well in school and like all children his age loves to play. When he gets older he wants to be a driver.



During a hospital outreach we had the pleasure of meeting thirteen year old Kelvin. We noticed a young boy whose face had been badly burned and was in the hospital’s recovery ward. Inquiring about how he ended up in the hospital he told Charlene he was burned by his father and mother as punishment. He had sneaked into the neighbor’s house and stolen some food. Angry, his parents used dry grass and kerosene to burn his face to teach him a lesson. The police intervened and took him to the hospital. Kelvin’s mother fled, his father was arrested and taken to court. After the ruling of the court the children’s home was given custody of Kelvin. Today Kelvin has forgiven is parents and loves them. He loves animals and is always willing to go the extra mile to help with them. He says that he wants to own a big farm with animals. He also has a love for cars and speaks as if he has worked on them for years. We have looked into a mechanics school for him and would like to find him a mentor.



Zablon loves sports, electronics and being a jokester. He loves football and plays very well. His dream is to be an engineer. He entered school later in life then kids his own age, so is a lower grade, and is feeling very left behind. We have been encouraging him to keep going despite this. He is still trying, and we will continue to encourage academics. He also has a desire to learn keyboard.



Allan is a very quiet boy, but also very authoritative. He is one of the older boys here. He takes school very seriously and has big dreams. He says he wants to own an auto shop where he can be a mechanic. He has his younger brother here, named Ian. They arrived here shortly after their father’s death in 2016. He loves football very much, and is very competitive. Allan is a hard worker and will help when it’s needed with no issues.



Meshack is super quiet. He is very watchful and attentive. He is still very new to the home and is catching up in school at a nice pace. He is very playful and always desires to be a  part of what the boys are doing. He came to our home because he was dropped in Nairobi but his parents and left. He was then sent to Malaba, the town near us, and the police brought him to us. He knows only the school he attended and his parents names. When he gets older he wants to be a driver.



Papa loves to cuddle and loves helping. His english has improved tremendously over the past few months. His dream is to be a ship captain and sail the world. He loves football and loves to laugh. He also loves marble games and card games.



Joseph is a super joyful kid. He came to us from the police department and had no clue where his family was or who he was with. He has grown tremendously and is thriving. His desire is to become a police officer. He loves football and loves playing cards.



Daniel is very quiet. Both of his parents are deaf. His mother passed away before he came to stay with us. His father visits at least once a month with a gift for him and the other boys. Daniel has a soft heart but is also a jokester. His desire for the future is to be a driver. He wants to drive vans and buses near his home.

Through The Eyes of An Orphan

Julius lost his family when his home burned down at the age of 6. The last thing he remembers is his mom cooking over the fire pit in the kitchen of their mud and straw home. Grease flew up and hit her in the eyes, she fell over the burn pit and Julius saw her clothes catch on fire. He ran outside to get his dad who rushed in but never came out. Julius sat and watched his home turn to ashes knowing his parents were inside with his baby brother. Julius sat by the ash pile for over 4 days before hunger drove him to look around for something to eat. No one would come for him as extended family was a few days journey. Before leaving he sifted through the ashes and found a burnt piece of the bible, the book of Exodus.


Hunger pains in his belly and weakness in his body was normal to Julius. He never knew when he would eat next and often he suffered from parasites he'd ingested from the stagnate puddles he would drink from. Julius prayed for the God of Moses to send him food, and often he would find that food by digging in the dirt for bugs, dead animals, or even by finding pieces of meat in the waste of larger animals. Julius wanted to serve the God of the burnt pages of his bible so he tried to live his life taking care of the animals of the field. This was all he had to offer. his God. Often Julius was on his face in worship and even more often begging for God's forgiveness because he felt his attitude was ungrateful since God spared his life in that fire. Yet he would get angry and be upset because he lost his family and was left alone. He was angry because no one ever looked for him and no one cared. Julius would cry himself to sleep because he never got a chance to go to school. All that was left for him was to live in the brush with the animals, fighting to survive. Then he would remember that God was taking care of him and he felt that was enough, that the Creator of this world would consider him so he would ask for forgiveness and try his best to trust in the Lord.

Julius was found by one of the missionaries on the streets of Katale and invited to come to the orphanage. He accepted the offer and lived with us until his family was notified and came for him. Before he left he told us he knew that God had saved him and brought him to the orphanage, he thanks us for being willing to be used by God.


Julius is one of 10's of thousands of kids that have lost their families to tragedy. The streets and the brush of Kenya are full of homeless and abandoned children, some as young as 5 . It's very common for children to find meat in the feces of animals, or by digging through trash on the streets throughout villages. These kids fight for their lives never knowing what or when they will eat or if they will survive to see the next day. Many kids try to escape their suffering by sniffing glue, which takes away hunger pains and gives them a false sense of peace. Slowly it deteriorates their brain making them violent and destructive, a menace to society. These addicts are so common sometimes local law enforcement issue a 'shoot to kill' order for anyone suspected of being high on glue.