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Parade going for the inauguration of the new facility of our Orphanage Potterโ€™s Children Home, under the umbrella of CCWC at Malinda Village.

I lay here wide awake reflecting on our trip to Kenya. I left my heart and spirit there and look forward to returning as soon as the good Lord allows me. The boys in Awata and Kitale will be forever in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so Thankful I was present to witness our team help Samuel and get him off the street. To see his transformation at the orphanage in just a few short days was miraculous. I was also honored to have met with you, Apostle John and Bishop Brian. The Spirit of the Lord has falling upon all of you and for that I will always be connected.. ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

Anita Kenly

Right now we just took in 2 more boys - bringing us to 14 boys!! We reserved 2 beds for emergency accommodations for the children's office, these boys came in under that. They will be temporary guests with us. 

The Following are projects that are ongoing - well until they are complete - haha

     This project was funded by Calvary Chapel Worship Center, to provide clean water to the boys home and surrounding community. We are talks currently with a driller, and we should be drilling soon!! Stay tuned for the amazing video!!

 - we have currently purchased metal angle lines, chain link and barbed wire for our fence. They are putting it up as I type!! PRAISE GOD that He has provided for us!! The fence will provide safety and security for our boys as well as the school children.

Community School fees - if you feel led to sponsor a community child, their school fees run about $20 a child. You also have the opportunity to sponsor one of our children for $50 a month - which will pay for their school fees, food, clothing and hair cuts. When you donate - just put community school fee or home sponsorship in the comment box. If you want to sponsor one of our 12 boys, just put a name or any in the comment box, if you know. 
We can also have written correspondence sent back so you can communicate with your sponsored child. I have access to video chat, so you can video chat with them as well! It will be an amazing opportunity for them!

Livestock -  we are in current need of a rooster - about $10 to buy one. We also need another cow, which will cost us about $350 - this is purebred milk cow - if we add the baby with it, the cost is $450. You put cow, or rooster in the comment box if you feel led to buy one. 

School Expansion project - we have a current need of 10 more desks, as the school is growing. Each desk cost us $10 each. We also need 10 doors, that will go on each classroom. The price for doors are $15 each. We will need more iron sheets which act as walls and roof. Each costs us $8.80. We need approximately 200 iron sheets to complete 4 more classrooms. ($1760). Once we get 50 sheets we build a classroom. You can put iron sheets or classrooms in the comment box.

Bookshelves - We are in need of book shelves for the boys. It will cost us about $50 to make one. We want 2 so that we can start expanding their reading library. You can put library or bookshelf in the comment box. ($100 total)

Bunkbeds - As we expand the home, we are in need of more bunkbeds. We need at least 6 bunk beds. They are made of metal by a local welder. They cost us about $90 each. If you want to donate toward those, please put bunkbeds in comment box. ($540 total)

Boys Day out - We take the boys on monthly excursions to do evangelism or to expand their horizons a bit. Each outing costs us $80 to rent a van, and about $100 to feed or pay whatever travel fees. If you would like to give towards their outings, it would be a blessing and we could possibly do more outtings. 

Van - This is a huge dream, but I want to throw it out there, even just for prayer. But we have decided we are asking God for a 15 passenger van to take out boys on outtings, as well as to visit our other churches. Most times I must go alone, and the boys really would like to go. It will also cut costs on traveling with all together, as well as aid in transporting missionaries. The cost for this is $1500 - 3000 depending on time of year, and where we can find one. Please pray one in with us. Thank you so much
Beyond this we need about $1200 a month to provide for the whole months budget! So any amount you get helps us keep the boys fed, their clothes, their shoes, schooling, hair cuts etc!

Thank you to each one of you for donating to our projects and God's vision for Awata, Kenya. It is my pleasure to serve God here and watch His hand on the lives of these boys and this community. Thank you for partnering with me in this endeavor, we are in this together and I appreciate you all!

Much love and blessings
~ Brandi