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Partnering with West Coast Bible College is our newest education ministry opportunity at Casa Do Oleiro, with the focus to bring domestic and international Christian education together.  Here you see Dr. Antonio C.B. Oliveira with Senator James Lankford (R-OK), Dr. Gerald Cowen, Jose Carlos Duarte, and other members discussing the opportunity. 

In January, Senator Lankford was named co-chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus by its founder, Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA). Lankford became the first senator to join the Caucus since its founding in 2005, making the Caucus bicameral. The Congressional Prayer Caucus works to protect the fundamental human right of religious freedom and guards the right of individuals to pray and practice their faith freely.

Dr. Gerald Cowen, a longtime friend of Dr. Oliviera, will serve as Dean of Lucent University. Dr. Cowen was a professor of New Testament and Greek at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and former dean of the undergraduate college. We trust his vast experience in education will be of great benefit to this project. We are excited with this partnership and believe God will use this project for His glory.

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