Casa do Oleiro has been ministering in Brazil for many years. We have been blessed to open many churches in different parts of the country. Church buildings are an important part of blessing others but it is not the only way we reach people with the love of Jesus. 

Each year we host Reach Brazil, a weeklong mission trip to different parts of the country. You'll have the opportunity to minister in drug rehab centers, geriatric facilities, orphanages, and on the streets of Mogi Guaçu and Mogi Mirim, two sister cities in São Paulo Brazil. The week's highlight is usually the March for Jesus, a local rally that spans the entire city and culminates with a major concert where everyone is invited. During the March for Jesus churches across the city marching down city streets proclaiming the good news and inviting everyone to come to the celebration. This event has been going on for almost twenty years uniting believers and non-believers to bring glory to Jesus Christ. 

Reach  Brazil

Check out the videos below to see some of the highlights of the past couple of years. It continues to grow each year and we are so thankful! We invite you to come and be a part of the next Reach Brazil. 


As believers in Western society we sometimes take church for granted. We may not fully grasp the importance of a building where people can go to seek fellowship, where the broken can go to find hope. God has a heart for the lost and wants to provide a place His children can come. 

"It was the last day of our trip and Pastor Antonio said we were going to a city on the outskirts of town to host a day camp for the children there. When I asked what it was like he described it as a rough place, very poor with lots drugs and gangs, and lots of children who needed to hear the good news of Jesus.

The plan was to go door-to-door and ask if there were children in the house, then invite them to the camp. I'll admit, I was a bit reluctant when we got off the bus and he told us to stay together in groups of no less than three. We began walking down the street and I noticed kids playing in the streets but when our eyes met they were not innocent, like children's eyes should be, but were cold and cautious. 

We spent about an hour going through the village inviting children and parents alike to come and do crafts, play games, and listen to music. We had a great turnout with almost a hundred or so people. When the day was almost over Pastor Antonio looked at me and told me we needed to start a church here.


He left and came back about an hour later and told me we were coming back that evening to have a service, that he had worked it out with the owner of a nearby building and had gotten the keys. I remember thinking, "You're kidding right? This isn't in the budget, there is no plan, we have no pastor!" Before we left he invited all the people to come to a church service we would be having at 7:00. As we were driving back to the house I asked him how were we going to pay the rent? He told me we were going to take up an offering, a church was something the people of the community needed, he told me to have faith.

That night there were only about twenty people there and two-thirds of them were missionaries. As the service ended he took up an offering and I remember thinking there was no way in this poor little community we were going to raise enough money for the rent. As we were driving home he leaned over and told me when had not raised the first month's rent, that we had raised the first three month's rent! He told me, "See Dina, you must have faith."

Today, almost fifteen years later, the church in that community still ministers to drug addicts and prostitutes, single parents and children. Because of Pastor Antonio's faithfulness and trust in God, the lost have a place to go to find Jesus."

                                      - Dina Soto

Casa do Oleiro Churches



Pastor Edilson Lara


Telephone: (42) 99864-2879


Rua Francisco Braga, nº 46, Conradinho, Guarapuava - PR


Cep: 85055-300




Sunday 07:00 PM


Thursday 07:30 PM



Pastor Marco Aurélio de Mello Viana


Telephone: (11) 971152331


Rua Antonio Fortunato, nº 614, Burgo Paulista, São Paulo - SP


Cep: 03681-000




Sunday 06:30 PM


Tuesday 08:00 PM



Pastor Osmil Inácio Mazzaro


Telephone (11) 94002-2325


Pastor Paulo de Tarso Bruni


Telephone (15) 99785-4263


Rua Alameda Professor Mário de Almeida, nº 769, Cidade Jardim, Sorocaba - SP


Cep: 18055-400




Sunday 10:00 AM


Wednesday 08:00 PM



Pastor Brian 

Telephone: (19) 98296-0207

Av. Presidente Dutra, 1580 Vila Viviane Corguinho - SP


Cep: 13806-571




Monday 07:00 PM


Wednesday 07:30 PM

igreja de mogi mirim.jpeg


Pastor Joaquim Fernando Roman e Pastora Isaura Raymundo Roman


Telephone: (19) 3862-4821 / (19)  98100-0926


Pastor Valter Raymundo e Pastora Silvana Franco Raymundo


Telephone: (19) 98296-0207


Pastor Sebastião Maurílio Fonseca


Telephone: (19) 99958-2805


Rua José Scomparim, nº 646, Jardim Scomparim, Mogi Mirim - SP


Cep: 13806-571




Monday 07:00 PM


Wednesday 08:00 PM



Pastor Marcos Flávio Carvalho e Pastora Roberta dos Santos Carvalho


Telephone: (19) 99129-3984


Rua João Wilson de Alcântara, nº 215, Parque Guainco, Mogi Guaçu - SP


Cep: 13844-270




Sunday 07:00 PM


Monday 07:30 PM


Wednesday 07:30 PM


Friday 03:00 PM


Sunday 07:30 PM