Casa Do Oleiro USA

International Apostolic Ministries


Casa do Oleiro has served in Africa for many years and has established deep roots among the people. We generally offer a mission trip here each year where you can get involved at ground level and experience the power of God in action. 

Over the last few years God has opened the door for us to expand the ministry here to include a new school, church building, and the opportunity to invest in the local community in other ways. Our vision is to expand the ministry to include a children's home where we are able to care for and minister to the abused, neglected, and abandon.  Please pray for God to move in this area so we can truly show this region the love of Christ.

New Schools - Awaata

God has given Pastor Antonio Carlos founder of Casa Do Oleiro Apostolic Ministries a vision to build many schools in Kenya. There are literally hundreds of thousands of children that have never had​ the opportunity to go to school because of poverty and government fees, which families cannot afford. When you walk on the streets of Kitale you will see hundreds of street children begging for food and longing for the opportunity to go to school. This past year we were able to built several classrooms in Awaata. Here we are able to educate the many underprivileged children in the community. Many "street boys" also attend this school as we have a motto "No child will be turned away". 

We need your partnership to keep this vision going and to allow us to take in more children. For as little as  $30.00 USD you can sponsor a child's education. This cost covers school uniform,  fees, and required testing. You can give hope to a child in need.

Solar Power

This year we realized our vision in Awaata of offering street boys and other orphans a home that is safe, secure, and full of love. However, upon building the facility we did not have electricity or running water, which was an obstacle to providing proper care for the children. Awaata is a very remote area where the community still lives in mud huts and must travel for miles to fetch water from the river. 

In 2016 we purchased a water tank and the necessary pipes to provide clean water and sanitation. We also installed solar power panels, solar batteries, and two solar power inverters. As a result we were not only able to supply the home with electricity, but we also blessed two other families with it.

More amazing yet is that God provided us with a professional electrician from Uganda that volunteered his time to install the equipment efficiently and properly. Now the boys have light to study at night, and clean water to drink and wash in.