The Don Kobe School

Casa do Oleiro has served in Africa for many years establishing deep roots among the people. We have seen the desperate poverty which results in hundreds of children left homeless on the streets begging for food. These children struggle to better themselves because they have no means to get an education. The country has no public education system therefor all schools are private. In Katale alone literally thousands of children will never have the opportunity to go to school because tuition is too high. Here parents often must choose between providing the basic necessities of life or sending their children to school.

Over the last few years God has opened the door for us to reach the children here by building a school and church. The Don Kobe School is open to all children, tuition free. In addition to the school we have built dorms so several orphaned boys also have a home that is safe, secure, and full of love. The church is open to residents of the community for services as well. 


Building Hope

This project began in 2014 with a deep longing to help the hundreds of street kids find a better life. With much dedication and hard work many mission teams and local contractors built this school.


It is because of these loving servants that these children have hope. You can also sew into this project. Our monthly budget is roughly $1,200 which provides food, clothes, shoes, school supplies and curriculum, and provides for other living expenses.

If you would like to make a tax deductible gift to this project, your gift will be applied directly to the school.

A New Hope

Children have found a safe and welcoming place at the Don Kobe School. Here they are fed, clothed, educated, and taught that Jesus loves them. 

Upon building the facility we did not have electricity or running water, which was an obstacle to providing proper care for the children. Awaata is a very remote area where most of the the residents live in mud huts and often times must travel miles to fetch water from the river. 

In 2016 we purchased a water tank and the necessary pipes to provide clean water and sanitation. We also installed solar power panels, solar batteries, and two solar power inverters. As a result, we were not only able to supply the home with electricity, but we also blessed two nearby families with power. We were even more blessed that God provided us with a professional electrician from Uganda that volunteered his time to properly install the equipment. Now the boys have light to study at night, and clean water to drink and wash in. 

Living Water Project

no small task

In order to have a water tank at the school it must be built from the ground up. This requires sourcing elements piece by piece. 

A Missionary's Heart

I lay here wide awake reflecting on our trip to Kenya. I left my heart and spirit there and look forward to returning as soon as the good Lord allows me. The boys in Awata and Kitale will be forever in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so Thankful I was present to witness our team help Samuel and get him off the street. To see his transformation at the orphanage in just a few short days was miraculous. I was also honored to have met with you, Apostle John and Bishop Brian. The Spirit of the Lord has fallen upon all of you and for that I will always be connected.. 💗💗💗

Anita Kenly

Inaugural parade for new Potter's Children's Home Orphanage under the umbrella of CCWC at Malinda Village.

Sponsor A Project

The Don Kobe school has been a blessing for the community and the children alike. We hope to continue to bless these children and offer more orphaned kids the security of a home and the hope of Jesus. Below are some projects that have been completed or are in the planning stage to be completed. If you would be willing to pray or donate to any of these projects it will be much appreciated by Casa and the children in the Don Kobe School. 


 - We recently purchased metal angle lines, chain link, and barbed wire to fence the entire property. This improvement will provide safety and security for our boys as well as the community school children that attend here.



 - Aside from the boy's home, we offer the children of the community the opportunity to attend school here during the day. Monthly school fees are $20 a child. If you would like to sponsor one of the children, $50 a month pays for their school fees, food, clothing, and hair cuts. When you donate please put community school fee or home sponsorship in the comment box. If you want to sponsor one of the boys who live here please put the child's name in the comment box. 



 - Our goal is to make the boy's home portion of the school self-sustaining. To do so we have created a community garden area and purchased farm animals. In order to keep the farm portion going we must continue to buy animals. The current cost of a rooster is $10 a milk cow is $350, and if the baby is included $450. If you would like to provide a farm animal please write your preference in the comment box of your donation. 


 - This school has been a blessing to so many children, as well as to those who serve here. In order to expand our reach in the community we must expand the school itself. Our goal is to acquire more desks, each of which cost $10. We also need doors and iron sheets for the walls and roof. Each unit of iron costs $9.00. We can build an entire classroom with 50 sheets of iron. If you would like your donation to go this effort please write classrooms in the comment box.


- We would like to build more bookshelves for the school, which can also be used as a library for the boys who live here. Each bookshelf costs $50 to make with materials and labor and also supports the local craftsmen who builds them. You can put library or bookshelf in the comment box. 



 - As we expand the home, we are in need of more bunkbeds. We buy these beds from local welders who make them specifically for us. When you donate a bed you are also employing a man who is providing for his family, thus boosting the economy as well. These beds cost us $90 each. Our goal is to buy 5 per year if possible.



 - To enrich the lives of the resident boys our goal is to take them out into the community once a month. During these excursions they may attending a zoo or wildlife refuge, visit other churches or family in the community, or attend a local carnival. These adventures are one of the major expenses to the school as we must rent a van, feed the children, and pay admission where applicable. If you would like to give towards their outings the boys would certainly be grateful. 


 - Today this is only a dream because of the exuberant cost, but should we be blessed with a van it would be an answer to prayer. We are asking God for a 15 passenger van to take the boys on outings, as well as to visit our other churches in the area. The cost of a van is about $3,000. If you would like your donation to go to a savings account for the van please say so in the comment box.

If you have prayed for or donated to any of the above project goals we want to thank you for blessing the boys of Awata, Kenya and the Don Kobe School. 

Much love and blessings, 

 Casa Do Oleiro